Orbital Elements

An album by harmonyofchaos. Out June 28, 2014.

About harmonyofchaos

harmonyofchaos is the digital metal brainchild of Joey Robert. Joey has worked as a hobbyist musician for years, splitting time writing and playing music with his band Forbidden Conjecture and writing for his side project harmonyofchaos.

Orbital Elements is the culmination of Joey's best work; an eclectic mix of virtuoso guitar riffs, chilling ambient segues, catchy melodies and masterful drum composition. Featuring vocal appearances by Chris Montpetit (I AM SLEEPWALKER) on "Red Tide" and William Langer and Brennen Walsh (Forbidden Conjecture) on "Distant Sunset". This album is an attempt to draw outside the lines of typical metal album and explore the possibilities digital instruments bring to the genre.

harmonyofchaos - Orbital Elements

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